Craft set for moss pictures.
Make decoration yourself.

In a craft set from wedo are all the materials of the highest quality. With a wedo craft kit you can make your own moss picture or make other decorations yourself.

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Our craft kit and decoration highlights

Moosbild selber machen Set
Starter-Kit, Moosbild, DO-IT-YOURSELF

Moos Auswahl zum Moosbild selber machen (DIY-Kit)

64,95 259,95 

Kostenlose Lieferung
DO-IT-YOURSELF, Starter-Kit, Moosbild, Let's moos!, Basteln mit Kindern

Let’s moos! DIY-Kit „Einhorn“

29,95 59,95 

Kostenlose Lieferung
Sale, READY-TO-USE, Bilder

Moosbild „Traum“


Kostenlose Lieferung
DO-IT-YOURSELF, Starter-Kit, Moosbild

DIY Kit Islandmoosbild mit Birkenrahmen

24,95 74,95 

Kostenlose Lieferung
DO-IT-YOURSELF, Starter-Kit, Moosbild

DIY-Kit Moosbild „Blitz“

89,95 259,95 

Kostenlose Lieferung
DO-IT-YOURSELF, Starter-Kit, Moosbild

DIY Kit Islandmoosbild mit Eichenrahmen

36,95 104,95 

Kostenlose Lieferung

Our offer

Finished moss pictures

Premium quality decorative items

Unique moss picture motifs in premium quality. Solid wood frame and durable mosses. To our store: Here.

Moss pictures DIY kits

Craft kits with all materials

With our craft kits and tutorial videos easily make your own moss picture or make other decorations yourself. And you get all the materials that we use ourselves. To our DIY store: Here.

Moss pictures on site

Moss picture courses

Make your logo out of moss together or a school event? We make your event extra special with our moss painting workshops.

A handicraft set example to make moss picture by yourself (make decoration by yourself)

You will receive all the materials you need for your moss painting, as we get them ourselves from our producers. All mosses, whether ball moss, flat moss or Iceland moss are of the highest quality and carefully selected.

And because we know exactly what is important in the moss picture crafting, you get a little more of each moss than you actually need for the area and also a crafting base. Just a perfect craft set.

You get all the materials that we use ourselves and even more tools than you actually need.

Feel free to stop by our store for a craft kit DO-IT-YOURSELF or find out more about our craft kits here: More about our DIY kits. Making your own premium decoration has never been so easy!

Bastelset Moos und Material

Craft set instruction videos to make moss pictures yourself!

In addition to our step by step instructions for our moss picture craft kits, we also have instructional videos for our designs on our YouTube channel where we share all of our insider tips with you. Feel free to check it out here: YouTube channel.

There is an instructional video for each craft kit. And not only that, we have all the insider tips that we use ourselves!

Small sample our instructional videos?

In this short sequence, we’ll explain how to properly design flat moss transitions so that everything looks like it’s one big area together.

Because a moss picture does not become beautiful by flat moss, but every beautiful moss picture has a beautiful flat moss.

For more information, feel free to check out our step by step tutorial on how to make your own moss painting: Make your own moss painting.

Moos richtig kleben im Bastelset für Moosbilder selber machen

For me as a little hobbyist, the DIY kits (craft kit) from wedo were perfect! On the website you can already look for a lot of inspiration for different motifs. Also, the implementation was self-explanatory and there was enough material of everything, so you did not have to save and thus could really create a very personal motif. The wooden frame (I took the oiled one) also looks very high quality. I am super happy with the end result, always happy to do it again!
(Pia, 09/23/2022)

I’m excited! In this shop we think along with you and treat you in a super friendly way. The package was well packed and the instructions were lovingly designed. A nice creative change these days. Thank you very much:)
(Mika via our Etsy shop, 01/24/2021)

Craft set News Flash


Moss fun

Would you like to lend a hand yourself? Then stop by our partner from The Makery and book our workshop here . FREQUENTLY ORDERED…

Designer decoration do it yourself:
Our craft set moss picture „Fish

We’ll show you what steps to take with your moss picture craft kit at home and what we’ll take care of for you.

Glue & oil wooden elements

You will receive the already finished oak frame in the size of your choice in the craft kit „Fish“. There are also our wooden elements, which you then glue to the back wall and then oil.

Lay and glue pole moss patterns

Once the oak elements have dried, you can continue with the pole moss pattern. If you are satisfied with it, you glue it with a hot glue (or comparable glue) to the back wall as well.

Glue flat moss

When the pole moss is ready, you finally glue the flat moss onto the free area. And your masterpiece is ready!
Your guests will be amazed! Or maybe it will be a great gift?

Become part of our enthusiastic moss pictures customers and dive into the world of DIY! Making decorations yourself has never been so easy!

Our moss painting workshops:

Online and on site! Always there for you!

What do we do in the workshops?

In advance you will receive from us all the materials in the craft kit that you need to build together in the online workshop your moss picture.
You will receive a fully assembled solid oak frame from us so that you can fully concentrate on the moss picture, plus reindeer moss in three colors, macrame yarn, bark, wooden blocks, glue, a brush and wood oil.

In the workshop itself we will first approach the material moss together and then you can start building your moss picture. To do this, you will use the materials that are included in the craft kit, as well as the personal materials that you have chosen. You don’t need more. In between, we will briefly take you into the world of creativity and show you why we are all creative, we just often forget it!

Our moss picture concept:

We enable creativity at any time and in any place.

What is wedo diy?

We see ourselves as a provider of individual creativity, because we are firmly convinced that everyone is creative. And with us you can make your own decoration for your home. That is why we have the right product for everyone. Whether already fully assembled, as a handicraft set with assistance or in the professional version: With us there is something for everyone to be able to fully indulge in creativity.

What is included in a craft kit?

The craft kits always include all the materials you need for your masterpiece. Guaranteed!

Your craft kit also always contains a buffer of material, so that you can also experiment with the material.

And you can also book our carefree package so that you are guaranteed to have enough material!

Where can I build the DIY kits?

All over! Each of our DIY kits comes with a craft pad made of corrugated cardboard so that you can get started right away on the kitchen table.

Make your own decoration with a wedo craft kit and do good with it!

And to guarantee that everyone can benefit from our DIY experience, we donate a craft kit to therapy centers, art therapists, or even schools for every ten sales.

It doesn’t matter which sale it is. Whether finished picture, craft kit or workshop kit. The counter is running!

We have the kindergartens in the region meanwhile in the visor and prepare just our small action with the kindergarten children here in the district Mühldorf am Inn! If you have contact to kindergartens or similar institutions, please let us know!

Get inspired!

Get inspiration from other customers and start your DIY project today!

News from the workshop


Moss fun

Would you like to lend a hand yourself? Then stop by our partner from The Makery and book our workshop here . FREQUENTLY ORDERED…

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