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We see ourselves as a provider of individual creativity, because we are firmly convinced that everyone is creative. That is why we have the right product for everyone. Whether already fully assembled, as a DIY kit with assistance or in the professional version: We have something for everyone so that they can fully indulge in creativity.

The DIY kits always contain all the materials you need for your masterpiece. Guaranteed! And there is also a handicraft pad so that you can get started right away on the kitchen table.

Yes! Each of our DIY kits comes with a craft pad made of corrugated cardboard so that you can get started right away on the kitchen table. Something can go wrong and you can simply stow your work including the handicraft base and assemble it again as you want.

Of course! As long as you can use an adhesive and have already cut something with scissors, you have all the skills to complete your wedo DIY kit.

Naturally! Our DIY kits are designed in such a way that they can always be integrated into your stressful everyday life without you being pressed for time. So you can either finish everything in one piece or give yourself many evenings. One evening you glue, the other you stick and you are never forced to invest more time now, as you can do without.

Our DIY kits are available in two levels of difficulty: the DIY kit, where the frame is already ready and you can concentrate completely on the pattern, and the professional DIY kit, where you only get all the materials cut to size and otherwise raw.

There is also our optional parachute package: Within a defined period of time after purchasing the DIY kit, you can send it back to us and we will build the picture for you. This is the absolute best guarantee that it will work out in the end! Completely without risk!

For each of our products or materials used, we will work on a suitable instruction video for you. So you can rewind as often as you want and take a look at everything again. Without any time pressure.

Every DIY kit is equipped with a material buffer of approx. 10% as standard. For a surcharge, there is our carefree package, where we double your material buffer again. So you can experiment with the materials and something can go wrong.

Do not worry! Chemistry doesn’t play a role here. All of our mosses are preserved with the so-called spray process, i.e. with natural glycerine and food coloring. What you smell is just nature;) Unfortunately, it can also happen that the food coloring comes off a bit. Therefore: use gloves!

We don’t want to tell you how you want to be creative. Even the thought of how you want to beautify your home, which motif and which color you choose, is an individual and creative process. Anyone who has ever chosen a picture knows what we’re talking about!

For us, moss pictures are an almost perfect product to enable you to be creative! On the one hand, they are super nice to look at and fit into almost any interior, and on the other hand, they can always be put together individually using simple techniques. Color, shape and pattern are entirely in your hands and the finished picture will always be perfect.

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