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Only the others are creative?
As if!

Order your DIY box with all the materials, crafting pad and instruction video now. Or order your favorite piece straight away.

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Our mission:

To support you in decelerating your everyday life through creativity.
Don’t believe it? Try it!

Why is creativity important?

Being creative helps us in many aspects of our daily life and initially has very little to do with the Picassos of this world. Because each of us is creative, even if we are not an artist or work in a marketing department. Because we are always creative when we adapt to changed living conditions.

So if we are faced with a problem in our private life or in the world of work, our creativity helps us to find and implement solutions. In doing so, we fall back on experience and expectations.

Creativity needs our full attention and concentration. And this is exactly where we start:
While you are in your creative process and you are thinking about where your moss picture should hang or whether pole moss or flat moss should be on the free area, you concentrate fully on it and all other thoughts disappear. While you are creative, everything is unimportant and you can relax.

Our concept:

We enable creativity at any time and in any place.

What is wedo-diy?

We see ourselves as a provider of individual creativity, because we are firmly convinced that everyone is creative. That is why we have the right product for everyone. Whether already fully assembled, as a DIY kit with assistance or in the professional version: We have something for everyone so that they can fully indulge in creativity.

What’s in the DIY kits?

The DIY kits always contain all the materials you need for your masterpiece. Guaranteed!

Your DIY kit always contains a buffer of material so that you can also experiment with the material.

And you can also book our carefree package so that you are guaranteed to have enough material!

Where can I build the DIY kits?

All over! Each of our DIY kits comes with a craft pad made of corrugated cardboard so that you can get started right away on the kitchen table.

An example:
Our DIY kit “Fish”

We will show you which steps you can take at home with your DIY kit and what we will do for you.

Glue & oil wooden elements

You will receive the finished oak frame in the size you have chosen in the “Fish” DIY kit. There are also our wooden elements, which you then glue to the back wall and then oil.

Lay and glue pole moss patterns

Once the oak elements have dried, you can continue with the pole moss pattern. If you are satisfied with it, you glue it with a hot glue (or comparable glue) to the back wall as well.

Glue flat moss

When the pole moss is ready, you finally glue the flat moss onto the free area. And your masterpiece is ready!
Your guests will be amazed! Or maybe it will be a great gift?

Resale platform:

Would you like to build one of our DIY kits but you have no use for the finished piece?
Then sell it on our resale platform.

Why is there a platform for reselling?

For us, your individual creative process is in the foreground. Therefore, we understand very well if you want to be creative but don’t know exactly what to do with your finished masterpiece. That’s why we have our resale platform.

How does the resale platform work?

It’s simple: you send us pictures of your masterpiece and we will put it on our platform. As soon as there is an interested party, we will put you in touch. You regulate everything else among yourselves.


We often like your masterpieces very much! Then we would be happy to make you an offer and buy it ourselves!

Get inspired!

Get inspiration from other customers and start your DIY project today!

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